Electro-Hydraulic Grab

Motor Grabs for single-drum cranes

EH Grab

  • - High closing forces
  • - Control Panel
    1. Radio Remote Control
    2. Foot Pedal
  • - Robust Structure
  • - Additional Equipment
    1. Control Panel
    2. Cable-Reel
    3. Deck Tower


Electro-Hydraulic Grabs are specially designed to handle bulk material with single-drum cranes. The handling performance of Electro-Hydraulic Grabs, depends on the supplied electric power, converted by hydraulic pumps on the grab. Therefore, they require electricity from the crane or a source at shore. If on the chartered vessel it is not allowed to mount accessories on the cranes, a 'deck tower' is also a good alternative. Optional Accessory: TAGLINE

Also additional equipment and accessories such as cable-reels, pulleys and a control panel must be installed on the vessel. The control panel comes with options to have Radio Remote Control, Foot Pedal Control or both. After installation the control is directly from the crane cabin.

Electro-Hydraulic Grabs are mostly preferred if higher closing forces are required or working space has limited draft.

For EOT Crane applications with smaller capacities, contact our sales office to get information on the new SWITCH Series.