Mechanical Four-Rope Grab

Four-Rope Grabs for cranes with two cable drums

MC4R Grab

  • - Mechanical Open/Close
    1. 2 Ropes to Hold
    2. 2 Ropes to Open/Close
  • - For cranes with two or more cable-drums
  • - Tailormade design
  • - Less maintenance work (lubrication only)
  • - Easy to operate


The Mechanical Four-Rope Grab is used to handle various kinds of fine and granular bulk material, mainly with cranes that work with four ropes from two drums (2 Ropes to Hold and 2 Ropes to Open/Close the grab).

The design is tailor-made and depending on customer specified details in order to fit overall weight, required structure, payload ratio, filling degree and digging force as well as environmental regulations at ports or other plants.