Remote Control Grab

Single-Rope, Remote Controlled, On-The-Hook, especially designed for vessel and port cranes.

RC Grab

  • - Radio Remote Controlled
  • - 3+1 RC functions
  • - Single-Rope (single drum crane)
  • - On-The-Hook solution
  • - Central Cylinder / Robust Structure
  • - No additional equipment needed
  • - Less maintenance work
  • - Easy to operate


For efficient bulk cargo handling in the maritime sector on Vessel Cranes or Portal Cranes the Radio Remote Controlled Grab is the most preferred type. It is a single-rope and on-the-hook solution, which can work on single drum cranes.

The grab can be attached on any type of crane hook and is ready to start working. Crane operators only use a remote control transmitter (hand unit) as control. The opening process can be interrupted and continued several times in order to ensure bulk material is unloaded in a controlled manner and with reduced dust emission. And it's easy maintenance is an additional advantage.

The Remote Control Grab does not need any external power source or installations like cable drums or electrical control panel. High quality RC systems are used only. The MAX-CR and MID-CR Series provided by ELFATEK, have special software and design for the Cromex RCC Grab.

  • - Special Software Program (no additional switchboard)
  • - Heavy duty, IP65
  • - Up to 150 m without antenna on receiver and transmitter indoors, outdoor 300 m
  • - 3+1 functions (Slow Open / Fast Open / Stop (Close Valve) / Automate (Slow Open / Fast Open)
  • - Battery life saving

Wireless Remote Contorl Grab